“Days Here at Livingston” Emergency Response Fund

A summer at Camp Livingston is a life-changing experience and through it, children and young adults gain confidence, new skills, and meaningful relationships. When you give to Camp Livingston, you are strengthening and supporting Camp by funding improvements to facilities, programming, inclusion and leadership development which greatly enhances the camper experience.

Camp Livingston is facing a financial burden with the cancellation of our Spring retreat and Summer camp season. The strength of our program and facility depends on uninterrupted operations during the off-season – recruiting, planning for next summer, and engaging our current campers with events like virtual programming and in-person reunions at bowling alleys, skating rinks, and homes as we prepare for summer. We also fix roads, paint buildings, and make improvements at our facility. All of this work takes time and dollars that we bring in during the summer camp and spring retreat season that we will not have in 2020.

Please consider making a donation to Camp Livingston’s “Days Here at Livingston” Emergency Response Fund.

Days Here at Livingston is a powerful song we sing only twice each summer (on the last night of each session) as we circle the flag pole arm-in-arm one last time with our Camp family. It is a story of the past, present, and future which we honor every minute of every day of every season at Camp Livingston.  The “Days Here at Livingston” Emergency Response Fund will ensure the preservation of the past, present and future of our Camp community.


Days here at Livingston will fly away, die away.

Days of true friendship will be memories.

We have loved.

We have learned.

Let us now teach in turn.

And the flames we have kindled forever must burn.

All of our footsteps will fade away, fade away.

Others will follow the paths we have trod.

With our hearts full of hope and our songs full of joy,

we must keep the flame burning for those yet to come.

Now more than ever we need your support to ensure another 100 successful years of Camp Livingston, starting with the summer of 2021If you are in a position to do so, we invite you to make a tax-deductible donation which will make a significant impact on ensuring the continuation of our mission to enrich the lives of our campers and staff by providing a fun, unique, community experience, while encouraging the development of Jewish identity within a safe and inclusive environment.  This is a particularly important time to make a gift, as the Harold Grinspoon Foundation has recognized the urgency of our situation and has stepped up with a matching grant to encourage everyone who is able to support Camp Livingston to act now. Your donation will be matched by The All Together Now matching grant program which is made possible through JCamp 180. Donations will be matched 1:2. A donation to the “Days Here at Livingston” Emergency Response Fund can be made below.

We appreciate your partnership and on-going support. And remember, “the flames we have kindled forever will burn”.