Apply to Work at Camp

Apply to Work at Camp

“Working at Livingston was one of the best experiences I had as a young adult. It taught me so many skills that have helped me every day since. I learned what making a real impact felt like and while I was helping my campers navigate new friendships, I was doing the same. Some of the friends I made during my summers at Camp are still my best friends to this day.”

-Sarah, CL Alumni

Spend your summer changing the lives of campers while soaking up the sun and making new friends. Work with 70 of your peers to deliver incredible summer experiences while having FUN and building skills that look impressive on a resume. At Camp Livingston, the only coffee you will have to get will be your own!

Camp Livingston seeks male and female staff, age 18 and up in the following positions :

  1. Cabin counselors
  2. One-on-one staff for campers with special needs
  3. Lifeguards

Senior Staff start date: TBD
Specialist training start dates: TBD
Staff start date: TBD
Employment end date: August 2, 2020

Applications will be open this Fall! Please contact our office with any questions at