Camp Livingston Is…

Camp Livingston Is…

Why spend a summer at Camp Livingston? 

Camp Livingston is the adventure of a lifetime.

At Camp Livingston, campers participate in activities they know and love while also pushing themselves to try new things. Camp Livingston sits on 680 acres of beautifully wooded land in Bennington, Indiana and features a waterfront with water skiing and tubing; a low and high ropes course and climbing wall; a swimming pool; endless hiking trails; a baseball diamond, tennis courts, a volleyball court, basketball courts, archery and athletic fields; a state-of-the art theater; and an arts and crafts center. Sports, art, drama, dance, travel, hiking, camping – through these experiences, campers build their self-confidence, make new friends, and thrive. Each and everyday at Camp Livingston, campers form lifelong friendships and develop new skills as they cultivate a strong and enduring sense of Jewish identity.

Camp Livingston is rooted in Jewish culture and values.

At Camp Livingston, being Jewish is integrated into almost every aspect of camp life : song sessions at meals, Shabbat activities, celebrating Israel, and more. The Camp Livingston community is strong because Camp Livingston welcomes every Jewish child. For some campers, Camp Livingston is their first Jewish experience while others celebrate Jewish holidays and attend Sunday school. Campers age 7 to 17 come from all over the United States and Israel, forming a vibrant and unique Jewish community at camp. Camp Livingston is not affiliated with a specific Jewish movement, and Camp Livingston’s Judaism blends many styles that cross a number of different Jewish movements as well as some unique traditions all our own. Campers are encouraged to explore and share their own Jewish identities and ask questions in positive and respectful ways. 

Camp Livingston campers disconnect to reconnect. 

Camp Livingston campers leave their phones at home. The Camp Livingston experience is about disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with nature, friends, adventure, and community. In fact, in 2017, Camp Livingston collaborated on a study of smartphone addiction among young people with Screen Education, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to mitigating the negative consequences of screen addiction through research, education, and consulting. 92% of campers involved in the study found it beneficial to take a break from their phones. Read further here. (Add link to smartphone study)

Camp Livingston is a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive family.

Camp Livingston’s camper retention rate speaks for itself : 80% of campers who come to Livingston for one summer, return for a second summer. The Camp Livingston community welcomes campers from a variety of backgrounds. Jewish campers, non-Jewish campers and children from interfaith families form the diverse Livingston family with each member experiencing camp in positive, comfortable, and fun ways. Campers form lifelong friendships, supporting and cheering each other on as they try new things and expand their comfort zone. Jewish young adult staff ensure campers’ safety and security, act as role models, and facilitate the best possible camp experience. Trained counselors support and inspire campers while certified lifeguards supervise the waterfront and pool, and an expert adult staff communicates with parents and oversees operations.