Keeping in Touch

Keeping in Touch

Camp is a special time to disconnect from technology and tune into to new experiences, friendship, and nature. Camp Livingston campers are not allowed to carry or use cell phones, smart phones, tablets or MP3 players with internet access while at camp. Campers get the most from their experience when they are fully immerse in camp life. However, there are plenty of ways to connect with your child and their Camp Livingston experience throughout the summer.

Snail mail

At Camp Livingston, we encourage parents to write to their child often! Mail and packages are distributed every day at camp, except Shabbat. Saturday mail is given out on Sunday. Please refer to the Parent Handbook in Camp InTouchfor detailed information and rules regarding packages.


Parents can send email to their camper through Camp Livingston’s Camp InTouch portal. Email will be printed out and delivered to your child with the daily mail. Your child may only reply by snail mail.


Campers are not allowed to use the telephone while at camp. The only exception is a prearranged birthday call from family. Time sensitive information will be relayed to your child through the camp office, (812) 427-2202.

Camper birthdays 

Every camper celebrating a birthday while at camp receives a cake that is shared with their entire cabin. Family and friends are permitted to send packages to campers. We encourage families to include magazines, toys, games, newspaper clippings, pictures, puzzle books, etc. — do not send food, of any kind, in packages.Your child’s Unit Head will contact you a day or two in advance to coordinate a time for your child to call you on their birthday.


To get a feel for what camp is all about, we encourage families to visit Camp Livingston for our annual Community Day and Family Camp (link these to the Events page, not the individual events). To encourage campers to fully adjust to camp, parents are not allowed to visit during their child’s camp session. We are unable to offer any tours during drop off and pick up days. Any visits or tours need to be arranged with either the Executive or Assistant Director prior to the visit. 

Follow along with Camp Livingston

There are a variety of way that you can keep up with the excitement of camp. 

Blog & photo gallery

Available through Camp InTouch, Camp Livingston’s blog is look back at the daily activities. Camp InTouch also features a daily photo gallery.

Weekly E-Newsletter

Each week that your child is at camp you will receive an e-newsletter written by the camp staff about special programs, photos, and more.


During the summer we will post status updates, videos and photos regularly about what’s happening at camp. Like us on Facebook by visiting, and click like.


Follow Camp Livingston @camp_livingston to see beautiful photos throughout the summer.