Covid-19 Update

Camp Livingston COVID-19 Operating Guide 2023: Updated May 23, 2023

Camp Livingston is committed to providing a safe environment for our entire community.  We are grateful for your support of that commitment and playing your part.  Part of this safety continues to be considerations related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Your willingness and dedication to follow COVID-19 safety measures at Camp Livingston in the past led to safe and successful operations in summers 2021 and 2022.

The Camp Livingston leadership team takes into consideration best practices for summer camps published by the CDC, American Camp Association, and Department of Health, as well as the guidance of a Medical Committee, in order to establish operations at the highest standard for our Camp families.

We are extremely excited to welcome your child(ren) to Camp for what is sure to be a life-changing summer! 

Keeping you informed

We commit to keeping you informed as information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and we may continue to update our policies and provide greater detail to you if necessary as we get closer to the summer. Should you have questions, concerns, or ideas on COVID-19 and summer 2023, please reach out to us at

Protecting our community

As we look forward to summer 2023, Camp Livingston strongly recommends all campers be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including up to date boosters. However, for this coming season, camper admission criteria will not include the requirement of COVID-19 vaccination (fully or partially). This policy is subject to alteration pending any major unforeseen changes in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For summer 2023, staff members, both year-round and seasonal, are required to maintain up-to-date vaccination status according to the CDC at all times. 

Each camper, family, and staff member who chooses to participate in an amazing summer at Camp Livingston also makes a commitment to care for one another’s overall well-being at Camp. As related to COVID-19, this involves the willingness to practice all of the policies and safety measures put in place, and a commitment to honesty and transparency about symptoms, exposures, and test results at home.  Camp Livingston, with the support of our Medical Committee, continues to place strong emphasis on pre-camp COVID-19 screening and strongly recommends all campers be vaccinated.

Recommended Pre-Camp Behaviors

For the 5 days leading up to Camp, we’re asking our families to abide by these recommended pre-camp behaviors to reduce any transmission of COVID-19 to their camper prior to Camp:

  • Minimize attending large indoor gatherings where physical distancing is difficult
  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • If you are traveling to Camp by plane, we recommend and encourage you to wear a mask for the duration of your time in the airport and on the plane.

Temperature and Symptom Monitoring

All campers and staff will be required to be completely symptom-free for at least 24 hours prior to their arrival at Camp without the use of any medication. IF YOUR CHILD SHOWS ANY COVID SYMPTOMS 24 HOURS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL PLEASE CALL THE CAMP OFFICE.

Pre-Arrival and Entrance Testing

One of the easiest ways to determine that our campers do not have COVID is to test them. For this summer, we are asking our families to administer an FDA approved at-home rapid test – to their child – for the two days prior to their arrival at Camp.  (Please administer the tests in the mornings on Monday and Tuesday). YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PRESENT PROOF OF NEGATIVE RAPID TESTS UPON YOUR ARRIVAL. Please make sure you have screen shots of both rapid tests with you upon arrival. Only campers and staff who provide two (2) negative test results taken prior to their arrival at Camp will be permitted to enter Camp – NO EXCEPTIONS. If your child has a positive test at home, please call the camp office for further instructions.

Being able to determine whether the virus is present at Camp is a critical component to keeping our stable environment free of COVID-19.  We plan on administering an entrance rapid test for the entire camp community after their arrival on site. Guardians dropping off will be released to leave Camp once the rapid test results are back and negative. Please let your child know to expect this test at arrival.

Health Care/Health Center

Health center staff will always determine if testing is diagnostically relevant. In the event that we confirm a positive case of COVID-19 at Camp, that person will be in isolation in our Health Center until 24-48 hours symptom free and will be masked but able to participate for the remaining 5 days from start of symptoms. The family will be contacted and you will have an opportunity to pick up your child. Symptom checks may be performed on anyone that may have been exposed.

Adventures Unlimited

AU will be traveling as we did in 2022. Site lodging on all trips is private or semi-private and we will continue to maintain our COVID-19 safety protocol including, if necessary, a temporary use of masks. Much of the AU programming can be done without the interference of outside vendors however there are several programs, such as climbing and white water rafting, where a guide is necessary. During these programs our guides and our group may be following mask protocol which will help us ensure the health of our campers and staff. This will be dependent on local community spread.

Upon returning to camp, the AU group may be randomly tested for Covid-19 and will be able to participate in all the great programming Camp Livingston has to offer while maintaining a safe distance from the rest of the camp community as much and often as possible.

Travel to Israel

If your child is attending the on-camp portion of the Gesher program prior to trip departure, we ask that you refer to and follow the aforementioned guidelines for Recommended Pre-Camp Behaviors, Temperature and Symptom Monitoring, Pre-Arrival Testing and Entrance Testing. While traveling to Israel and back to America all campers and staff may be required to wear a mask for the duration of their time at the airport and on the airplane.

While traveling in Israel, the group is under the supervision and the regulations of Israel’s Ministry of Health, and the return travel to the United States is governed by CDC and Camp Livingston rules. The group will be tested upon arrival in the U.S. prior to boarding the shuttles to Camp. Any camper who tests positive for COVID-19 will be asked to quarantine at home.

It takes a village. We rely on a deep partnership with our camp families each and every summer and that partnership will continue to be important as we strive to build the safest possible community for our campers and staff. Thank you in advance to all families for following pre-camp requirements, including, but not limited to, COVID testing, daily symptom and temperature monitoring, and reporting of any and all physical and mental health concerns.

We commit to keeping you informed and are always available for questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to set up a time to connect. There is nothing more important than providing your camper with a safe, healthy, and fun summer. All of us on the staff and lay leadership team are looking forward to a meaningful and life changing 2023 summer at Camp Livingston!