Covid-19 Update

An Update from Camp Livingston:  August 17, 2020

Dear Camp Livingston Community and Friends,

Plans are underway at Camp Livingston for an amazing 2021 camp season!

We remain optimistic that we will be back in Bennington with our campers next summer and are making all preparations with a focus on the health and safety of our campers and staff. To ensure proper safety measures and implementation of best health practices, we have assembled a Medical Committee who will work with Camp staff and local health authorities throughout the year in an active advisory capacity. We also continue to review CDC and ACA guidelines and recommendations, which our Medical Committee will help us navigate and implement.

Our committee is comprised of practicing doctors who work at hospitals or in private practice in various cities throughout our region.  These dedicated professionals are also Camp alumni, parents, and board members. 

On behalf of our full time Camp staff team, Board of Directors, Medical Committee, our seasonal camper care team, and beyond, we thank you for your continued support of our mission and cannot wait to see everyone in 2021 for the most exciting and safe summer yet!


Max Yamson

Executive Director