Covid-19 Update

Covid Protocol for Summer 2023: Updated September 2022

We are grateful to our Camp families for following our 2022 Covid-19 protocols and prioritizing the health and safety of our community. This allowed us to have a healthy and fully operational summer. 

We have not yet finalized our 2023 Covid-19 protocols. We are participating in conversations within the camping field and are gathering our Medical Committee monthly to continue the important conversations around how to ensure a healthy 2023 season. As we have all experienced in the past 3 years, Covid changes and we must change with it to keep our community safe. Thank you for your patience as we make time for these changes and decisions. Summer operations will have the most up to date protocols and high standards of care which will incorporate guidance from the camping field, the CDC, our local Health Department and our Medical Committee. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 
If you are a new Camp family, please feel free to reference our summer 2022 operating guide below. 

Camp Livingston Operating Guide for summer 2022: 

Camp is just around the corner and we are excited for both how “normal” Camp has the potential to feel this summer and at the same time we recognize how quickly the pandemic has continued to evolve. We will continue to monitor and adapt our plans based on the information available.
In preparation for building our summer 2022 protocol, we carefully reviewed the guidance and resources available to us, consulted with medical experts in the field, and participated in many learning sessions with others from the Jewish camping field. The most important guidance we have received has centered around utilizing a tool that wasn’t as widely available to us last summer – COVID-19 vaccinations. At Camp Livingston, all campers and staff will be required to provide proof of being fully vaccinated and up to date on the COVID-19 vaccine, including a 3rd dose if eligible.
We ask that you take the time to read through our protocol for summer 2022. This guide is primarily intended for parents/guardians of current and prospective campers. 
We are extremely excited to welcome your child(ren) to Camp for what is sure to be a life-changing summer!
Overview of how we are working to have a safe summer

  • We are working with our qualified medical committee to create proper guidelines and protocols.
    • Our committee is composed of practicing doctors who work at hospitals or in private practice throughout our region.  They are also Camp alumni, parents, and board members. 
  • We are continuing our top-notch sanitizing and hygiene procedures to reflect the needs of our ever-changing world and have developed a set of guidelines to help navigate us through each day of camp with fun and safety in mind. 
  • We are being mindful of capacity.
  • We are maximizing our amazing outdoor facilities and finalizing programmatic procedures which we will be training our staff on during staff week. 
  • We will be shifting back to buffet style eating as we have done for many years and we will continue to implement procedures to reduce any unnecessary movement during meals.
  • We are updating our protocol for out-of-camp trips for AU (Adventures Unlimited) including booking private camping areas and programming to maintain a high level of safety (there will be no trips off camp this summer for non-AU Campers; however, there will be on-camp overnights. We have an enormous property and we will get great use out of it).
  • We are continuing to follow and be active in conversations with the field of Jewish camping, American Camp Association, and Indiana Department of Health guidelines.

Keeping you informed
We commit to keeping you informed as information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and evolving. Much like this update, we will continue to update our policies and provide greater detail to you if necessary as we get closer to the summer. 
Throughout the summer, besides our regular daily communication with photos and blog posts, we will provide specific communication surrounding COVID-19, if necessary. We will be alerting families if your camper shows symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 or if your camper’s cabin goes into isolation protocol due to the above concerns. Please note, we are required to notify state and local health officials if there are positive cases; we assure you that we will maintain privacy and will only disclose personal information when necessary. 
Protecting our community
As we shared with our families in February, all campers and staff are required to be fully vaccinated and fully up to date, which includes a booster if eligible. COVID-19 vaccinations significantly reduce the likelihood of serious illness and in the communal living environment that is Camp, vaccinations represent our best tool to keeping our entire community safe and healthy. This requirement is one of several essential components to a comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation strategy as our campers and staff return for another unforgettable summer.
Recommended Pre-Camp Behaviors
For the 5 days leading up to Camp, we’re asking our families to abide by these recommended pre-camp behaviors to reduce any transmission of COVID-19 to their camper prior to Camp:

  • Minimize attending large gatherings where physical distancing is difficult
  • Wear a mask when indoors and physical distancing is not feasible
  • Avoid extended exposure to those outside of your immediate household
  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • If you are traveling to Camp by plane, please wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth completely for the duration of your time in the airport and on the plane. Mask should be multilayer and should fit snug against the side of the face. Home made two plus layer masks, hospital grade masks and KN95 masks are all acceptable.

Temperature and Symptom Monitoring
Five days prior to arrival to Camp, all campers and staff should self-monitor for symptoms related to COVID-19 and check their temperature daily.  Upon arrival at Camp, all parents may be asked to acknowledge that they completed the temperature checks and self-monitoring each day.  All campers and staff will be required to be completely symptom-free for at least 24 hours prior to their arrival at Camp without the use of any medication. IF YOUR CHILD SHOWS ANY COVID SYMPTOMS 24 HOURS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL PLEASE CALL OUR CAMP OFFICE AT 812-427-2202.
Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Tests
One of the easiest ways to determine that our campers do not have COVID is to test them. For this summer, we are asking our families to administer an FDA approved at-home rapid test – to their child – for the two days prior to their arrival at Camp.  (Please administer the tests in the mornings on Monday and Tuesday). YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PRESENT PROOF OF NEGATIVE RAPID TESTS UPON YOUR ARRIVAL. Please make sure you have screen shots of both rapid tests with you upon arrival. Only campers and staff who provide two (2) negative test results taken prior to their arrival at Camp will be permitted to enter Camp – NO EXCEPTIONS. If your child has a positive rapid test at home, please follow up with a PCR test and call the camp office with the information on both tests. We will review these cases with our Medical Committee and should the PCR test be negative, we are hopeful your child can join us a few days into the session (since it takes up to 72 hours to receive PCR results).
Entrance Testing
Being able to determine whether the virus is present at Camp is a critical component to keeping our stable environment free of COVID-19.  We plan on administering an entrance rapid test and an entrance PCR test for the entire camp community after their arrival on site. We are working with a Health Care Organization to host a clinic for us on each Opening Day, with PCR test results being available 36 hours after arrival and rapid test results will be available within 15 minutes. Guardians dropping off will be released to leave Camp once the rapid test results are back and negative. Please let your child know to expect these two tests at arrival. Prior to Camp, we will send you a form to fill out for the Health Care Organization administering the tests. This will be a quick, simple form including insurance information and will need to be filled out prior to your arrival at Camp on the first day.
Our staff will be arriving up to 2 weeks prior to camp and will follow a the same protocol for entry as outlined above. Our staff will be allowed 2 days off per session and intersession away from Camp this summer to relax and recharge! Due to Covid-19, we are asking all staff to agree to a specific protocol while off site. Days off must be taken in cities like Cincinnati and Louisville where the vaccination rates are higher than in various rural areas. Staff will agree to avoid crowded indoor venues and mask when appropriate knowing that we are all responsible for each other’s health and wellbeing. Staff may be tested as needed.
Interacting with each other
Based on our experience during the 2021 seasons, we will be slightly updating our village/cabin interaction model for summer 2022. It is key that everyone understands these updates.

  • cabin is like the immediate family. Cabins generally have 8-12 campers, and 2-3 staff. During the first 36 hours at camp, most activities will be cabin-based.
  • cohort is a group that can exist in the same space but may remain distanced and/or masked for the first 36 hours. We will be asking to wear a mask while moving around the dining hall during the first 36 hours of Camp.
  • Shower time may be scheduled by cabin/cohort, which helps with traffic and gives campers and staff plenty of time to attend to hygiene.
  • All-Camp activities such as services and campfires will continue take place outside. It’s camp after all!

Having fun while being safe 
We will be continually updating our operations and program procedures based on our community’s health when necessary at various points during the session.  Based on the testing results and best available health standards at the time, we hope have a “normal” Camp Livingston program model with traditional activity choices and programming throughout the summer.
A higher standard of cleanliness 
The cleanliness and safety of our facilities is something in which we take great pride. Our facilities team works tirelessly to maintain camp and keep everything running smoothly. In addition to our standard cleaning procedures, the protocols include:

  • Signage that illustrates best practices to mitigate the spread of the virus and clarify expectations of campers and staff are placed around camp.
  • 60-80 hand sanitizing stations throughout camp with a focus on building and cabin entries and high traffic areas.
  • All cabins will be sanitized and thoroughly disinfected prior to camper arrival.
  • Cabin cleanliness will continue to be an elevated priority.
  • Touchless water bottle filling stations were added to Camp last summer, cutting down on germs and keeping us hydrated.
  • Bathhouses in all villages may only be used by campers living in that village and will continue to be cleaned and sanitized with greater frequency. Common bathrooms and all shared areas throughout camp will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.

Food is important, but safety first
Meals this summer will be reverting back to buffet style, a favorite of both campers and staff, offering greater choice. We will continue to implement strategies which will keep traffic down during meal time. We are lucky to have a Chadar O’Chel (Dining Hall) which is 50% open to the outside, providing great circulation and helping keep our community safe.
Health Care/Health Center
Camp will have a secondary nurse station/tent to separate daily medication and other daily health care needs with anyone who may show signs or symptoms of COVID-19, flu, strep throat, etc. Medicine taken at mealtimes and in the evening will be distributed to each child by our health care staff.
Should your child show symptoms of COVID-19, Camp will administer a rapid test that may be followed up by a PCR test.
In the event that we confirm a positive case of COVID-19 at Camp, we will continue to follow the quarantine and isolation procedures established for Camp while also notifying the family involved, the families of those in that specific camp cabin, the local Health Department, and our Board of Directors.
During a quarantine triggered by a positive case of COVID-19, Camp will administer a daily rapid COVID-19 test to everyone in the “impacted” cabin, immediately. This will continue for a period of 5 days, unless any symptoms are reported or second positive case is confirmed through testing. In the event a second case is confirmed, we will restart our quarantine timeline and repeat the steps taken from the first positive case.
If there is a scenario, at Camp, where several members of a specific cabin have tested positive for COVID-19, we will give consideration to “closing” the cabin for the remainder of the session and sending the remaining campers home. This would be done only if we believe it will prevent spread of COVID-19 to other cabin groups at Camp. We will do this only as a last resort.
Whenever an entire cabin is quarantining and all members of the cabin remain symptom-free, they will still be able to participate in Camp activities away from other cabins. Our program team will adjust schedules as needed to ensure that a full day’s worth of activities still takes place. During group isolation, meals will be delivered to those isolating at one of our several outdoor dining locations, or directly to their cabin.
We are reserving two empty cabins which will act as temporary quarantine areas at camp should we have to quarantine a camper or staff member showing symptoms of COVID-19.
Adventures Unlimited
AU will be traveling as we did in 2021. Site lodging on all trips is private or semi-private and we will continue to maintain our COVID-19 safety protocol including, if necessary, a temporary use of masks. Much of the AU programming can be done without the interference of outside vendors however there are several programs, such as climbing and white water rafting, where a guide is necessary. During these programs our guides and our group may be following mask protocol which will help us ensure the health of our campers and staff. This will be dependent on local community spread.
Upon returning to camp, the AU group will be able to participate in all the great programming Camp Livingston has to offer while maintaining a safe distance from the rest of the camp community as much and often as possible.
Travel to Israel
If your child is attending the on-camp portion of the Gesher program prior to trip departure, we ask that you refer to and follow the aforementioned guidelines for Recommended Pre-Camp Behaviors, Temperature and Symptom Monitoring, Pre-Arrival Testing and Entrance Testing. Your child will not receive a PCR test upon arrival but may receive an additional rapid test. This is due to the need for PCR testing 72 hours prior to trip departure which is shortly after arriving at Camp and will be conducted by a Health Care Organization. If your child is meeting the group at the airport and is not attending Camp prior to the trip, you must obtain a PCR test within the 72 hour window prior to the trip departure and have these results with you at the airport. Please also email a copy of results to prior to airport departure.  The group will also fill out a mandatory Health Entry Form prior to departure. If your child is not on Camp, please assist them in filling out this form.
While traveling to Israel and back to America all campers and staff will be required to wear a mask for the duration of their time at the airport and on the airplane.
While traveling in Israel, the group is under the supervision and the regulations of Israel’s Ministry of Health, and the return travel to the United States is governed by CDC rules.
Upon landing in Israel, the group will be given mandatory PCR tests at the airport with results coming back in just a few hours. The group will remain under Israel’s quarantine protocol until all results are returned.  Should any travelers have symptoms during the trip, test kits will be available and on hand with trip staff.
As a condition to fly home to the United States, the CDC currently requires travelers to present
a negative PCR or antigen test at check-in. The test must be administered no more than one calendar day before the return flight. A testing service will meet the group on the final day of the program to meet this requirement.
*These policies may change by the time of the trip:
• Quarantine for a minimum of five days with a negative home antigen test result received
on the 4th and 5th evenings of isolation (counting the positive test date as Day #1).
• Quarantine for a maximum of seven days regardless of your test results during the
quarantine period.
• A letter of recovery from a qualified Israel physician is required for official release.
The CDC maintains a 10-day waiting period before travelers can return to the United States
(counting the positive test date or the date of first symptoms as Day #1). Travelers can board a
return flight on Day #11.
NOTE: We have plans to provide a supervised quarantine facility should any staff or camper contract COVID-19.
*These regulations are actively evolving and we will stay up to date on expectations and protocols set by our tour company.

It takes a village. We rely on a deep partnership with our camp families each and every
summer, and like last summer, that partnership will continue to be important as we strive
to build the safest possible community for our campers and staff. That will require our
families to follow any pre-camp requirements, including, but not limited to, COVID testing,
daily symptom and temperature monitoring, and reporting of any and all physical and
mental health concerns.
In the coming weeks we will continue to closely monitor the state of the pandemic, which includes the overall case count and positivity rate in areas where our campers reside, as well as any introduction of a new variant to the pandemic. Should this information prompt us to either add or remove any protocols, we will share them directly with you via email and by posting them on your forms dashboard to see.

We commit to keeping you informed and are always available for questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to set up a time to connect. There is nothing more important than providing your camper with a safe, healthy, and fun summer. All of us on the staff and lay leadership team are looking forward to a meaningful and life changing 2022 summer at Camp Livingston! 
Max Yamson
Executive Director
Abby Solomon
Camp Director