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Join us for Dessert Club With Abby – a Livingston in the City event

I had a great time spending an hour with you each month over this past school year and can’t wait to see you back for more Dessert Club this Fall!


Welcome to Dessert Club! I am so excited to have an hour of “dessert and dish” with you! The ingredients you will need to make your delicious dessert for each club meeting are below. Parents, minimal use of oven/stove/microwave is needed, please be sure your child is able/allowed to use those items if you sign them up.

Recipes yield different amounts, so some days your camper can share and some days they will have an individual dessert during dessert club time.

We hope to enjoy dessert and catching up with your Camp friends all year long at 4 pm EST on each date below!

Click on the zoom links below to register today! (Please use your real name when registering for an event)